Kills' Singer Hospitalised During Gig

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Aidan Williamson

24th April 2009
At 11:23 GMT

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A performance in Boulder, Colorado by blues-rock duo The Kills was cut short on Wednesday (April 22) night after main woman Alison 'VV' Mosshart was rushed to hospital.

According to a statement, released by the band's publicist, Mosshart started to encounter shortness-of-breath. She was taken to hospital and released after a brief stint in observation. The health scare was claimed to be caused by a combination of cold and altitude sickness.

No one appeared to accept the truth, that Kate Moss is in fact poisoning her so the delusional little spotlight-gobbler can take her place in the band alongside boyfriend Jamie 'Hotel' Hince... allegedly. She's considering using the full name Kate 'C-game' Moss when her plans come to fruition.

The singer recently took some time to talk to Billboard about what's next for the band:

"We went to try to get [the new album] done this year. There's ideas. I've got some lyrics and stuff. Usually all I ever bring is a bit of that. That's always kind of the way we do it -- we just get together and start writing and see where we're both coming from. Jamie's listening to a lot of really old reggae music, and I'm sure touring with [the Dead Weather] will give me some new ideas, too.

"We're in the business of inspiring each other. I'm sure he'll do something that'll blow my mind, and hopefully I'll do the same for him."

The Dead Weather Mosshart speaks of is her side-project which involves a Mr. Jack White. They will release their first album, entitled Horehound sometime in June.

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