Mike Skinner Announces New Streets Record, Gives Away Money

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The Streets 

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Brad Kelly

28th May 2009
At 16:32 GMT

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Mike Skinner found £100 in his pocket and decided to announce via his Twitter account that anyone who met him on the bridge in London at midday would receive the money.

Whoever turned up had to say the words 'Messi messed up the Reds' in reference to last nights Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, and then Skinner would allegedly hand over the money.

Well he did meet up with someone and they did get the £100 and during a video that was shot for the NME whilst Skinner was there, he announced a few things.

A new drummer has joined him and his upcoming fifth record is due next February. Its as yet untitled and supposed to be his final album but during the video, he doesn't sound too sure. Oh, and apparently, he wants to make a movie as well. 

You can watch the videos right HERE. We love how Skinner greets everyone at completely random times.

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