Monsters Of Folk Begin Work On Album Two

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Monsters of Folk 

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Brad Kelly

08th January 2010
At 14:29 GMT

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The super-group quartet that is Monsters Of Folk - Conor Oberst, M. Ward, Jim Jones and Mike Mogis - have begun work on their next album.

Well, that seems to be what Mr Oberst is saying, posting on his Twitter account late night: "Monsters of folk writing new material, can't wait for you to not have to anymore"

Not sure what the last bit means but it's great to hear that they're planning more material together. Their eponymous 2009 d├ębut went down extremely well here at SG, garnering a respected 8/10 back in mid-September. 

Here's hoping they keep up the monstery folk goodness.

UPDATE: Apparently the band are NOT recording another album together and the Conor Oberst Twitter account used was actually a fake.  Sorry people, false alarm.

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