Morrissey Quits Show After Projectile, Video

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Aidan Williamson

09th November 2009
At 13:53 GMT

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Morrissey has always held something of a reputation for being whatever the male equivalent of a diva is. Liverpool got to witness this first hand last weekend.

The singer, now in his fifties, was in the middle of his second song at the gig at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Saturday (Nov 7) night. He had kneeled down next to the crowd for a little bit of hand-holding when a plastic projectile hit him on the head. Now on a scale of one to ten - with ten being the which left him unconscious - Morrissey's is not going to rate anything more than a 2. Short-range, open bottle, contact with the hardest part of the cranium by the soft part of the bottle, thrown with barely enough power to make it travel six feet. You can see the video below to back up our analysis.

Regardless, Morrissey seemed to deliberate for around 3 or 4 seconds before deciding to leave the stage. An announcement came shortly after informing the crowd that Morrissey would not be returning, effectively ending the show.

Anyone wanting a refund is being advised to contact their point-of-sale. If that was eBay, then ha ha, ha ha, ha ha.....ha.

Morrissey was forced to leave another gig in Swindon last month and he passed out on stage and was taken to hospital for tests.

VIDEO: Morrissey - 'Liverpool Gig Bottle Hit'

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