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Aidan Williamson

01st December 2008
At 11:56 GMT

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The joint Americo-Canadian coalition of The New Pornographers were recently Sydney, Australia playing an eighteen song set to fans. Happily, there was a video camera present.

The gig took place on October 12, 2008 at the Annandale Hotel in Antipodeanland.

The New Pornographers release their latest album Challengers back in the year currently known as '2007'. Work on its follow-up is already underway, with front-man A.C. Newman remarking:

"With Challengers, we moved as far in this direction as we can go, unless we turn into M. Ward or something... The songs I find myself writing these days are a little bit more rock, but that's as far as I can say."

You can watch the band's set at the Annandale Hotel at their Moshcam page.

SETLIST: The New Pornographers - 'Live in Australia, 2008'

  1. My Rights Versus Yours
  2. Use It
  3. The Laws Have Changed
  4. Monologue
  5. All the Old Show Stoppers
  6. Jackie Dressed in Cobras
  7. Monologue
  8. Testament to Youth in Verse
  9. The Bones of An Idol
  10. All the Things That Go To Make Heaven and Earth
  11. Unguided
  12. Mass Romantic
  13. Adventures in Solitude
  14. Sing Me Spanish Techno
  15. The Bleeding Heart Show
  16. Don't Bring Me Down (ELO cover)
  17. Twin Cinema
  18. The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
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