Nine Inch Nails Continue Free Spree

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Ross Riley

05th May 2008
At 12:44 GMT

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It's starting to feel as though we're becoming a Nine Inch Nails news wire, but the band who started the week offering two singles at zero cost have gone one better and offered the entire new album free of charge.

According to the band's website the free download is being made available "as a thank you to our fans for [their] continued support".

Unlike Trent Reznor's previous release 'Ghosts', which according to some estimates grossed more than INSERT:CONTENT:END.75 million dollars in three days, there won't be a physical release of the album until July.

It's another notch on the band's brave attempt to remake the music sales model work for artists while still acknowledging the overwhelming demand for free downloads.

The ten track album 'The Slip' can be downloaded completely free of charge directly from the band's website.

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