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Aidan Williamson

23rd July 2008
At 15:48 GMT

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...Until then, they'll just have to make do with wood-glue.... ha ha...... [cue the tumbleweeds] But seriously, Nine Inch Nails will be releasing the physical version of their new album "The Slip" within the next week. (depending on your locality)

The eighth studio album by Trent Reznor and company will be released as a limited edition CD with bonus DVD through the Null Corporation label. The band will do one run of 250,000 individually numbered CD digipacks before consigning it to the 'deleted' pile. Each digipack will feature a six-panel layout, twenty-four page booklet and an exclusive three sticker set.

The bonus DVD includes five live performances filmed during rehearsals for Nine Inch Nails' upcoming tour, including album tracks "Echoplex", "1,000,000" and "Letting You".

The release windows are like so:
  Australia: July 19
  Europe: July 21
  US: July 22
  Canada: July 22
  Japan: July 22
  UK: July 28

A gatefold vinyl version of The Slip which contains one 180gm vinyl LP and a 24-page booklet will also be released in the US and Canada on August 12 and in the UK on August 18.

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