Silversun Pickups Swoon On Next Album

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Brad Kelly

13th February 2009
At 11:26 GMT

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Back in 2006 Silversun Pickups released their debut album Carnavas to relative acclaim. It was a quiet release that was helped largely due to solid single releases and air time on TV.

Well now the band are back and ready to fight for their deserved fame with their latest studio offering that goes by the name of Swoon. Album number two for the LA dwelling collective is due for release April 14th of this very year on the Dangerbird Label (the very same label that released their first).  Production duties go to Dave Cooley and Tony Hoffer who also worked on Carnavas as well.

Same label, same producers, different sound? We're hoping as much.

Frontman of the group Brian Aubert wrote a statement about the upcoming, stating:

"Swoon sounds like a nervous breakdown. I felt that we started this thing with a complete blank slate just kind of staring at a big mountain, not knowing where this was going to go. Everyone worked so insanely hard and I feel like you hear that we were in there every day trying to make the best songs that we could. This is the first time we've ever actually written anything straight through, then gone into a studio."

We were pretty gosh darn impressed with their debut so lets hope this one surpasses all expectations later this year.

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