Strange Glue Vs. Punkroutine: Vol. 2

The forces of Punkroutine have regrouped after the retaliatory strike of volume one. Together, they seek to sink the genres of indie/punk/rock/hardcore/metal into one big splodgy mess where light cannot escape and fringes rule supreme.

Our heroes clasp their weapons in hand, emerging from the light as they remind us of the power that alternative and punk music is supposed to possess. Whether it be by blistering anthems, complexly layered compositions or emotive balladry: witness the second wave of the offensive.

Please Hold the Line...

Files are 192kbps custom mixes (DRM free). To download the whole album click the image below, or you can stream individual tracks by using the audio players below.

1.) Mimas: Treehouse

Recommended If You Like: Sigur Rós, Mew

Taken from the album 'The Worries' via Big Scary Monsters

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2.) Halos: Helium

Recommended If You Like: Supremely catchy indie-rock

Taken from the 'Halos E.P'; for more information see Halo's Myspace

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3.) Mutyumu: The Eternal Second Coming

Recommended If You Like: Your heavy with a dose of pretty.

Taken from the album 'Il y a', available on Japanese Import. Mutyumu MySpace

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4.) Tellison: New York, New York, New York

Recommended If You Like: The Futureheads

Taken from the album 'Contact! Contact!' on Gravity Dip Records.

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5.) Portman: First Time Fuck Up, Second Time Jazz

Recommended If You Like: The Appleseed Cast, Brand New

Taken from the E.P 'Remembering Fondly', downloadable free-of-charge from Walnut Tree Records

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6.) Knockout Kings: Road Warriors

Recommended If You Like: TAYF-era Taking Back Sunday

Taken from 'The Kid's Got Heart E.P'. For more info: KK's MySpace

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7.) Circus! Circus!: First We Feast, Then We Felony

Recommended If You Like: Blood Brothers, Alexisonfire, Rites of Spring

Taken from the album 'Brooklyn Nightlife' via C.I Records

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8.) Have Heart: No Roses, No Skies

Recommended If You Like: Modern Life Is War

Taken from the album 'Songs To Scream At the Sun'. More info: Have Heart's MySpace.

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9.) The Chemist Vs. The Computer:
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

Recommended If You Like: At the Drive-In, Glassjaw

Taken from the album 'Loki'. More info: TCVTC's MySpace.

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10.) The All-New Adventures of Us: Hold On

Recommended If You Like: Straylight Run

Taken from the album 'Best Loved Goodnight Tales'. More info: TANAOU's MySpace.

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* "Planet of the Whales" by Alyosha
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