Strange Glue's 2009 Field Day Festival Preview

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Brad Kelly

28th July 2009
At 14:17 GMT

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Whilst you can get your kicks at pretty much any festival this year, why not try something a little, well, smaller?

Though London's Field Day is swamped in terms of size by the likes of Glastonbury, Reading and all the other giant musical events, Field Day is always one of, if not the most enjoyable festivals of late.

Celebrating its third year, the event plays out over just one day and evening, Saturday August 1st in London's Victoria Park and each year, the seemingly ordinary patch of grass is turned into something that can only be described as a day-long village fete for music lovers.

Good food, awesome day-time activities (tug-o-war anyone?) and a damn impressive line-up; we highly recommend you check out the event this year. The last few tickets are available HERE at a down right silly £29.50 + booking fee (or pop along to the Rough Trade shop The Amersham Arms or The Lock Tavern to save your soul and the booking fee), so you don't really have an excuse to miss this one.

Below, we've compiled ten bands that all of our staff here at S.G can't wait to catch. Two of which would have been Wavves and Apes And Androids. Sadly they've either suffered from a much-publicised breakdown, or an under-publicised tour cancellation. But there are still plenty of bands to savour across the day. If you feel like we've missed anyone out, feel free to add any additions in the comment box below.


Eat Your Own Ears Main Stage

What more can be said about a band that have been dominating the post-rock scene for almost fifteen years now? Creating some of the loudest, wordless and most powerful anthems to date, Mogwai are inexplicably dominating to experience on CD so (if you haven't yet) just imagine their capacity and scope live on-stage. A beast of a band sure to draw one of the biggest crowds at the event, it's always a pleasure to watch Mogwai live and we sure won't be passing up the opportunity to catch them againthis year.

Mogwai Live In Montreal Review: HERE

Wild Beasts

Adventures In The Beet-Root Field Stage

With a new record currently wowing us folks here at camp S.G, Wild Beasts are swiftly becoming of one Britain's most promising rising acts. Fusing psychedelic, jovial alternative-indie with pantomime vocals and melodies, the band are astounding live and recommended to each and every one of you. They're a definite must see and one of the Festivals latest additions so make sure you catch them if you're planning to attend.

Wild Beasts - Two Dancers Review: HERE

Wild Beasts Video Of The Week: HERE


Village Mentality Stage

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Woodpigeon are one of the smaller bands playing at Field Day this year but that doesn't mean we're not excitedly waiting for our first live experience with the up-and-coming collective. Their newest record, the highly acclaimed and under-appreciated Treasury Library Canada was a genuine treat of 2008 so we're looking forward to seeing how they recreate their enjoyable indie-rock on stage. 

Woodpigeon - Treasury Library Canada Review: HERE


Eat Your Own Ears Main Stage

They blew us away at ATP's The Fans Strike Back Festival back in May and though barely two months have passed, we're once again awaiting the presence of Scottish trio Errors and their on-stage electro insanity once again. Playing on the main stage at F.D's 2009 incarnation, Errors will no doubt be recreating the brilliance of their debut It's Not Something, But It Is Like Whatever and trust us when we say you want to be there. Seriously.

Errors Live At ATP Vs Fans Review: HERE

The Big Pink

Adventures In The Beet-Root Field Stage

One of 2009's most hyped bands comes in the form of alternative-indie-electro addicts The Big Pink. With a debut LP due in September and heaps of praise tailing their past year as a duo, the two London-based musicians have wasted no time in spreading their talent and craft across the entire alternative scene. We'll be there to witness how their musings play out in a live atmosphere and we recommend you are too.

The Big Pink Myspace Page: HERE

Malcolm Middleton

Village Mentality Stage

Growing into one of S.G's favourite artist's of the past few years, Scottish musician Mr Malcolm Middleton has so far released five full-length records in his seven year career. His newest effort, Waxing Gibbous was released earlier this year to quiet but strong acclaim and featured a few of his best songs to date. We managed to catch him at the ICA in London where he was an absolute pleasure to behold. If you've not heard anything from the man before than please, do join us down t'front.

Malcolm Middleton Live At ICA In London Review: HERE

Malcolm Middleton - Waxing Gibbous Review: HERE

Strange Glue Interview With Malcolm Middleton: HERE

Jon Hopkins

Eat Your Own Ears Stage

British electronic musician/producer Jon Hopkins astounded us earlier this year with his third solo record in eight years; Insides. Masterful, artsy, a little unhinged and brim-filled with fantastically created electronica, the LP was a shock to the system. Field Day have picked up Hopkins for a slot on the Eat Your Own Ears Stage, one that immediately went down as a 'must-see' this year here at S.G, simultaneously providing proof that Field Day has the best undercard of the 2009 festival season. We pity the fool who doesn't join us.

Jon Hopkins - Insides Review: HERE

Final Fantasy

Eat Your Own Ears Main Stage

What more can you ask for on a hot summer's afternoon than an insanely talented solo musician with a penchant for violins and a sampler? Nothing, exactly. Owen Pallett AKA Final Fantasy (yes he's named after the video-game franchise) has played with the likes of Arcade Fire, remixed everyone from Grizzly Bear to Bloc Party and has somehow managed to perform a live soundtrack for a screening of 1919 silent German horror-flick Tales Of The Uncanny last month in his home city of Toronto. If Field Day were to somehow implode, or be washed away by a horrific flood - stick this man at the highest point in London to play for 45 minutes and he will inevitably save the day. He is THAT good.

Final Fantasy Live At The Union Chapel, London Review: HERE

First Aid Kit

Eat Your Own Years Main Stage

Consisting of two Swedish sisters, one nineteen and one sixteen, First Aid Kit have managed to play more festivals this year than we can count on our fingers and toes. They've already played countless in the days past and still have the Summer Sundae Festival, Way Out West, Electric Picnic and End Of The Road Festival to come. Another, then, comes in the form of this year's Field Day where the two-some are set to play on the main Eat Your Own Ears Stage. We still haven't managed to catch them live yet and, considering we enjoyed their debut EP so much, that's basically a Strange Glue crime. We'll be sure to repent our sin this coming Saturday.

First Aid Kit - Drunken Tree's EP Review: HERE

Sian Alice Group

Adventures In The Beet-Root Field Stage

Experimental rock collective Sian Alice Group have been together just three years but in that time have managed to make more noise than some bands do in their entire musical life. Wildly imaginative arrangements are thrown head first into uniquely experimental rhythms forming a sound you've never heard before and belongs solely to the band themselves. They wowed us at ATP The Fans Strike Back earlier this year and we'll be making sure we catch them again when they hit that main stage this Saturday.

Sian Alice Group Live At ATP The Fans Strike Back Festival Review: HERE

Strange Glue Interview With Sian Alice Group: HERE

Besides being really cheap and with vastly improved services (rest assured, their toilets are now fine) alongside a great atmosphere and some of the tastiest honey-comb bites you've ever stumbled upon, Field Day is also just a great mini-Festival that allows for a calmer, less exhausting experience. 

Below is official stage-time Schedule for the entire event. 

Field Day Festival 2009 Schedule:

Eat Your Own Ears Main Stage

12:00PM - Gaggle 
12:30PM - Fanfarlo
13.30PM - Errors
14:45PM - Final Fantasy
16:00PM - The Temper Trap
17:15PM - The Horros
18:15PM - Fennesz
19:00PM - Santigold
20:00PM - Skream
21:00PM - Mogwai

Adventures in the Beetroot Field Stage

12:05PM - Old Romantic Killer Band
12:25PM - Psyche Milligan DJ
12:50PM - King Charles
13:40PM - Sian Alice Group`
14:10PM - Club Pony DJ
14:35PM - Plugs
15:05PM - Devil Made Me Do It DJ
15:30PM - Scum
16:00PM - Stop Making Me DJ
16:30PM - Michachu And The Shapes
17:45PM - Wild Beasts
18:30PM - Allez Allez DJ 
19:00PM - The Big Pink
20:00PM - Four Tet
21:00PM - Crispin Dior DJ
21:30PM - Mystery Jets

Village Mentality Stage

12:00PM - First Aid Kit
12:50PM - Jon Hopkins
14:00PM - Wet Paint
15:00PM - Wood Pigeon
16:00PM - The Thing
17:00PM - Juana Molina
18:10PM - Mumford & Sons
19:10PM - Malcolm Middleton
20:20PM - James Yorkston
21:40PM - Toumani Diabate

Bugged Out! Stage

12:30PM - Wild Geese
14:30PM - Delphic
15:00PM - Aeroplane
16:30PM - Fake Blood (Live)
18:00PM - Little Boots
18:45PM - Erol Alkan
20:15PM - Twitch
21:15PM - Audion (Live)

Bloggers Delight Stage

13:00PM - Dave I.D
14:00PM - No Pain In Pop DJ's
15:30PM - The XX
16:00PM - Work It
17:00PM - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
17:30PM - Greco Roman Sound System
18:30PM - Drums Of Death
19:00PM - Rusko
20:00PM - Casper C & Skull Juice

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