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Brad Kelly

27th August 2009
At 12:19 GMT

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Standing as one of the biggest Festivals in the UK today, the Reading and Leeds combo has dawned upon us once again.

Filling their bill with some of the biggest names money could buy and selling tickets through their ears is an absolute guarantee when dealing with events this big but what's more interesting is the smaller, less immediate bands that the big-wigs at the top decide upon.

Below is a compilation of names, some large, some small and all set to play over the course of the weekend. Though the shiny outer-shell of this commercial giant always seems more off-putting than say, the relaxed atmosphere of Latitude, there's always something pretty special to behold underneath the gloss and paint. 

Behold, Strange Glue's ten most recommended bands for Reading and Leeds 2009. 

Rival Schools

Back from the dead and with a new album on the way, the mighty Rival Schools were a fantastic edition to this year's Reading and Leeds. Forming when the meaning of Emo didn't mean men in make-up and when Alternative meant more than just an indie band with a pinch of anger, the legendary foursome released just one album, United By Fate in 2001 before disbanding. It was recognised as a landmark in terms of sound and so we're more than thrilled to see them back on the scene once again in 2009. Plus, they're named after a video-game and, well, that's always a positive in our books.

Brand New

Another addition we are ecstatic to see are Brand New, one of Strange Glue's most coveted collectives. Three albums in and with a fourth due next month by the name of Daisy, the band have gone from strength to strength with each release, culminating in sky-high expectations from their fan-base. After catching one of their live shows in Birmingham and by the sounds of new track At The Bottom, it seems those expectations will be shattered, rebuilt and blasted once again, just for the hell of it. 

It's more of an imperative than a recommendation that you catch these guys live this weekend.

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Bombay Bicycle Club

Four London born youngsters, each with an appetite for indie-rock and each determined to stay away from the generics that surround their genre of choice. Just three years into their career and they've already managed to create one of this year's nicest surprises, the fine debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. Yes, the Club of Bombay based Bicycles have done rather well for themselves considering they were still in full-time education up until last year. They possess a sound unlike anyone in their field and have only grown more mature with the time they've spent underneath the harsh indie spotlight. 

A band we recommend each of you at least try to catch during this weekend's festivities. That's if the beer doesn't catch you first.

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Titus Andronicus

Named after one of the earliest tragedy written by Sir William Shakespeare himself, Titus Andronicus are a rather unique type of band. Influenced by everything from shoegaze to rock and roll, Seinfeld to punk, the band are a strange mix of everything awesome and that's before you transfer their musings to the stage. With just one album under their belts, 2008's The Airing Of Grievances, Andronicus are already making waves amongst the alternative community with acclaim coming from all angles. If loud, angular guitars and soaring lo-fi rhythms are your type of thing then we hope to see you front and centre this weekend.

Titus Andronicus Live At The Great Escape 2009 Review: HERE

The XX

Dreamy indie at a festival is exactly what all the hazy-eyed stoners need to relax on a lazy afternoon and whilst their atmospherics paint a slightly dark-tinged world, we'd still choose The XX for a good old trip-out session over anyone else this weekend. We managed to grab their debut album XX earlier this month and also caught them live at this year's Loop Festival but we're still dying to see them on the stage once again, especially to a bigger, bolder crowd.

The XX - XX Review: HERE

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been riding the success of their latest album It's Blitz since it was released back in April this year to massively positive reception. They've already played a fair few festival dates including Lollapalooza, which they covered at the last minute due to the Beastie Boys' absence.  

The three New Yorkers entered 2009 with a completely new approach to their music, with one new member and a host of new ideas. For that reason we suggest that you spend your Saturday evening in the presence of the YYYs, even if you have seen them before.  

The video below is taken from the new album and was directed by the comical saint Richard Ayoade.  

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz! Review: HERE


It's taken us a long time to get over the ridiculous name that these five Scotsman possess, but now that we have, we can confidently tell you that they're certainly worth your attention.  

Frontman John Baillie recently fell from the stage at a gig in Australia, he broke his arm and cut the set short but luckily the 'cliche' doctor emerged from the audience to save the day! Leeds will be their first date back since then, and something tells us that John might not be as energetic as usual.. 

The band recently released a new single and music video from there debut album Hey Everyone! which you can watch below.  

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Billy Talent

Billy Talent are not exactly the most original of bands... However, as far as emo-punk rock bands go, they can really hold a steady ground. The Juno award winning Canadians released their fourth album back in July and are half way through a huge world tour, so now is a great time to catch the talented folks. 

The video below was recorded this year at the humongous Rock am Ring and features a track from their latest album...

Rise Against 

Rise with us to enjoy one extremely energetic set this weekend, coming from our interest in heavier music, Rise Against is a suggestion that will satisfy the punky taste-buds in all of you. The band didn't receive the greatest reviews from their last album Appeal To Reason, however, we believe that the four punk-rockers will brew-up a musical tidal-wave at this years festival.  

The video below is the first single from Appeal To Reason, called Audience Of One

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Here's one band that you cannot miss this weekend, whether you've seen them before or not. The last we heard from 65daysofstatic - they were focused on instrumental post-rock, but with their latest album Escape From New York the folks delve into noise prog-rock, a transition that can only result in a truly mental live performance.  

If our persuading words didn't convince you, then please let the video below tease your excitement.... It works every time for us.

So there you have it, ten bands out of literally hundreds that you should definitely check out if you happen to be conscious enough to move. Though the above are the creamier of the crop, that doesn't mean there isn't a whole host of other bands to check out as there most certainly is.

Deftones, Radiohead, The Airborne Toxic Event, Metric, Passion Pit, A Place To Bury Strangers, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Plugs are all on the list as well so do try and make the most of your weekend, it's looking pretty great.

As with all Festivals, there's going to be an absolute smorgasbord of other things to do over the days and nights aside from music so, providing the weather holds up, we honestly feel that this looks set to be one the years musical highlights, even if it is ten times the size of everything else.

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