Ted Leo Unveils New EP to Support Victims of RNC Violence

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Ross Riley

16th September 2008
At 11:43 GMT

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Ted Leo has announced the availability of a hurriedly recorded new four track EP, Rapid Response, that will be available immediately via download.

The release is aimed at raising money for the victims of the police brutality handed out to protesters at last week's Republican National Convention, where journalists and protesters were raided, prevented from protesting and several were arrested.

All profits raised from the EP will help to pay the legal bills and other costs of supporting those affected. On his website Ted Leo said the following:

"Real people were hurt in St. Paul, and real people have bills to pay, and real people need funding to continue their good works.  We (the band and I) were all feeling these events as deeply as we could from our 1200 mile remove, and so as not to feel entirely powerless, and in an attempt to contribute SOMETHING to that continuation of those good works, we wrote a song and recorded it, along with another new one we'd already been working on that's pertinent to election time politics, and two covers we enjoy and that also have timely sentiments."

The EP is available as a digital download from Touch and go Records and the track listing is as follows:

01. Paranoia: Never Enough
02. Mourning in America
03. I Got Your Number [Cock Sparrer cover]
04. Nobody’s Driving [Amebix cover]

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