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Gavin Riley

09th March 2011
At 17:59 GMT

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Former front man for The Horrors (not the British band), Paul Cary is back with a new lineup and a new set of haunting melodies.

Following a split 7" with Thee Oh Sees, his first solo LP - Ghost of a Man has been met with critical acclaim. Now Paul is heading to SxSW to showcase the record. We caught up with him to learn of his plans:

1) How many times have you been to SxSW?

I have never been to SxSW. Actually I have never been to Austin. I've always wanted to, but its never worked out.

2) What's the best thing about being in Austin? Or if you've not been before.... What are your tourism related plans?

We really don't have any solid plans, we are gonna play it by ear. Coming from Chicago just hanging out in nice weather, meeting up with old friends, having a few beers and trying some new food sounds pretty kickass to me.

3) Why are you playing SxSW? ('Cos we hear the money isn't too good)

Yeah I heard that too. The Hideout here in Chicago is doing a benefit the Saturday before SxSW and with the bands heading down to help out with gas money etc. We haven't really played out a lot lately. The end of last year and the beginning of this year have been pretty hectic. My band mates, the Small Scarys are both recently married. We are getting back into a normal schedule now and looking forward to playing more shows, especially for people that have never seen us before.

4) Who are you showcasing for, and where and when can we expect to see you?

Thursday, 3/17- CMR TYZ PARTY @ 1104 E 6th St

Friday, 3/18 - 2:15- DAY SHOW WITH THEE OH SEES AND FRIENDS @ Trailer Space- 1401- Rosewood Ave

Saturday, 3/19- IN THE RED RECORDS PARTY @ Beerland

Saturday, 3/19- 8pm- PANACHE SHOWCASE @ The Mohawk 

5) Which other bands/artists are you most looking forward to seeing over music week?

Someone else asked me the same question and I said the Strange Boys and Thee Oh Sees. A week later I found out that we will be playing with both of them, so that works out pretty good. One of the best things about festivals is being blown away by something you would not normally seek out.

6) Will you visit the Film or Interactive sections of SxSW this year? Or is time tight?

Probably not, we get in Thursday morning and leave Sunday morning.

7) What does the rest of 2011 hold for you?

We are playing the Whole Lotta Midsommar Festival in Stockholm, Sweden in June. When we get back we will start recording the new album and working on new material with the Small Scarys (Johnathan Crawford and Adam Penly). Working with these guys is amazing. They are musical brainiacs, and they put up with my shit.

Further Information:

Paul Cary: Official Site / MySpace



March 17, 2011 - CMR TYZ PARTY @ 1104 E 6th St
March 18, 2011 - DAY SHOW WITH THEE OH SEES AND FRIENDS At Trailer Space @ 2:15pm
March 19, 2011 - IN THE RED RECORDS PARTY @ Beerland
March 19, 2011 - PANACHE SHOWCASE at The Mohawk @ 8:00pm

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