Thom Yorke Likes Vampires

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Brad Kelly

24th July 2009
At 15:46 GMT

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So earlier in the week we heard a few rumours flying around about a certain Mr Yorke and a certain teen-vampire movie.

Allegedly, Yorke had recorded a new song for the upcoming Twilight: New Moon film, the second movie to be adapted from the ridiculously popular Twilight book series penned by Stephanie Mayer.

Of course we at SG dismissed the news immediately, laughing at the mere thought of a battle between good vs. evil set to the falsetto atmospherics of Thom Yorke. Now, it seems our laughs have been stifled as the director of the upcoming film Chris Weitz has confirmed the news himself at this years Comic-Con.

In an interview with HitFix at the event yesterday, the director said he gets to hear the new song 'tomorrow', meaning he's probably listening to it right now. He also said that Bon Iver had recorded a song for the film as well, though again, he still hasn't heard the song as yet.

Who would've thought, two of our favourite artists featuring in a love-story about vampires. Still, it's a good way to broaden the demographic of people going to see your movie we suppose.

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