Thurston Revival To Sell Debut Single for £100

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Aidan Williamson

14th August 2007
At 14:20 GMT

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The most expensive single to be sold in the history of pop music will go on sale on August the 28th for the grand sum of £100.

Dan O'Connell, who records under the moniker Thurston Revival will release just 100 copies of vinyl single "Somewhere There's an Angel".

Says the singer: "We put a lot of effort into thinking of an original way to get this song heard," says Barton. "Our challenge to the big record companies is that they should put as much imagination into selling their artists. Music has been both free and paid for since the invention of radio. It's on TV, on adverts, in movies. You could always listen to music for free, but if you wanted your own copy of a song, you had to pay for it. The internet has created a market where that is no longer true. But if you give people a reason to pay for a physical product, they will."

The 100 singles will be exhibited before their release on the walls of the Sartorial gallery in Notting Hill, London. Ten young British artists including Jasper Joffe, Sarah Doyle, Cathy Lomax, Edward Ward and Harry Pye, have each designed a sleeve inspired by the song.

To get a idea of what the 34p a second song sounds like, you can head over to O'Connell's MySpace. Personally, we think it's slightly stupid to release a single for £100. If he'd of marked it at £99.99 that record would be flying off the shelves.

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