Whispers Of A New Joanna Newsom LP Surface

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Brad Kelly

24th November 2009
At 17:58 GMT

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Way, way back in the forgotten month that was July, we posted a news piece about a possible confirmation of a new Joanna Newsom album tentatively expected around Autumn of this very year.

Well that obviously wasn't the case (or we'd all be singing and prancing around like Elves right now) but thankfully, more news has surfaced on the harpists forthcoming L.P.

W Magazine posted a brief Georgio Armani-plugging feature with a host of artists dressed in various fashionable wears and amongst them, surprisingly, was Miss Newsom (not to mention Lykke Li and actor Peter Sarsgaard). A descriptive blurb on the female artist sits beside the photo and after tucked away near the bottom is the line: "She recently finished work on a new album". Not much, but at least it's a start.

There was also a recent post in Vogue where they reviewed the opening of a new high-boutique fashion shop in Tokyo, Japan. Apparently Newsom was present at the after-party: 

"Yoko Ono and son Sean Lennon held court by the deejay booth while Joanna Newsom (in town recording her new album) chatted with her boyfriend, SNL's Andy Samberg."

Recording in Tokyo may sound a little strange but it all makes sense considering her collaborator and friend Jim O'Rourke currently lives there.

One last tidbit to excite even further is the handful of Australian dates she announced for January 2010. If that doesn't convince you of a new Newsom L.P next year then we don't know what will.

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