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Aidan Williamson

25th September 2008
At 15:02 GMT

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The title of the forthcoming Dillenger Four album "Civil War" has become fulfilled within the punk scene after the album's leak created cataclysmic reverberations within the various communities.

The problem started when Aaron Hale, assistant editor of Racket - best known for their irreverent interview style - passed on a streaming leak for the Dillinger Four to a few friends. Unfortunately, these friends then passed the link on to other friends and eventually the stream found its way to message boards. Before long, someone had ripped the streaming version to MP3 and started a full scale distribution of the album. The identity of the person who ripped the album is currently unknown.

In his blog, Piss and Vinegar, Hale, of Arizona lamented "The next thing... that I know, I'm fired from Racket and blacklisted left and right with certain people in the record industry. I felt shitty for what I'd done, and the general trust I'd abused, and still do too, to an extent."

The leak of the album - which has been four years in the making - was brought to the attention of Fat Wreck Chords by Alternative Press music editor and former Punknews.org contributor Scott Heisel. He claims that he merely wanted to give the record label a heads up so as to contain the leak. He denies that he was the one behind getting Hale booted from his job.

The subsequent firestorm has set all manner of people against each other, with many within the community feeling that this is a serious case of putting capitalism before music whereas others - including those involved in the recording of the album itself - have retorted that music is very much a job, and that people have worked long hours on the album's production and deserved to compensated for their efforts.

The disparity in viewpoints were whipped up further when famed cartoonist and satirist Mitch Clem featured the furore and a sympathetic commentary in his Nothing Nice To Say cartoon strip.

It's clear to see, that if D4 wanted a civil war, they sure as hell got one.

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