65daysofstatic: The Destruction of Small Ideas

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Aidan Williamson

30th April 2007
At 00:43 GMT

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Nobody ever expects the Spanish inquisition. So it'd probably come as a bit of a surprise. Much like this album really.

What marks this out is that the previously mute band finally found a voice, true, it's for approximitely two minutes on the very last track but it's a feat that they pull off rather well. Using a mixture of chants, singing and surprisingly (for an already surprising occurance) a bit of screaming as well. All serving to neatly bookend the album nicely.

What though, about the other hour of the album? Well, 65DOS perform their nigh-on patented blend of post-rock-trip-hop (a painful genre name to be sure, but try reversing the words... owch) which mixes tender moments encompassing soothing piano sections and guitar lines which threaten in an instant to explode into a passage of chopped up breakbeats and barrages of guitar cacophony. This is a formula that works quite effectively and eschews the traditional build-build-crescendo formula of other bands in the post-rock genre.

If you're already a fan of 65daysofstatic, you're going to like this one, although not quite reaching the lofty heights of The Fall of Math, or One Time For All Time (if you like that one more for some bizarre reason) it certainly isn't a disappointment, and did I mention the vocals?

Rating:  8 / 10

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