Boys Night Out: Boys Night Out

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Aidan Williamson

25th June 2007
At 20:29 GMT

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Have you ever had a friend who upon your first meeting, are an exciting and fun person. Yet as the years pass they become a bit predictable, and you realise they tend to use the same jokes over and over again? Your friend is Boysnightout.

At the end of the day, they're still a good friend of yours, but the spark has been lost somewhere along the way. With their 2005 concept album "Trainwreck", the guys and girl delivered a fascinating tale of the attempts to rehibilitate a man who murdered his wife whilst under the thrall of a trance-like state. Reflecting the downbeat nature of the lyrics, the band produced hefty, experimental soundscapes to accompany them. Whereas on this release, they enter the overly familiar genre of up-tempo pop/punk. Which of course conists of the ubiquitous "sing-along choruses" to appeal to a mainstream audience whilst also having a "hard-hitting vocal edge" which apparently earns it enough 'scene-points' to appeal also to the underground kids.

Like the wreckage of landmarks after an apocalypse, there are moments here which show hope, calling to mind the darker, more unique elements of times gone by. Album closer "It Won't Be Long" is a pitch-perfect entry into the bands artillery, but sadly the cannon won't work too well if it has been soaked by the dampness of the rest of the album. Leaving the album only enough explosive power to take out a model village. Oh, and they're from Canada - in case you were wondering - that's the problem with using metaphors early on. Where exactly are you meant to state anything about the band. They could be a 28-piece Industrial-Christian-Core band from Singapore for all you know, except now you know that they're from Canada.

Rating:  6 / 10

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