Calvin Harris: I Created Disco

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Aidan Williamson

18th June 2007
At 18:05 GMT

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There are some discoveries that necessitate a 'Eureka' moment. Cold Fusion, Perpetual Motion, The Bacon Air Force, for instance. Creating Disco should not be among these feats.

A vapid pointless, stylistically devoid genre from the 80's which had all the heart of Anne Robinson, with the looks to match. Disco should stay dead and buried. So, why does Calvin Harris seem bent on dragging up its crusty rat infested corpse? Who knows, but at least he's stayed true to genre and created a vapid, pointless, stylistically devoid album with all the heart.... you get the picture.

Aimlessly blundering from one track to another, virtually nothing ever changes, and this lasts for about an hour of your life too. Same chirpy keyboards, same beats, same bass, and lyrics which consist of things akin to "I like white girls, i like asian girls, i like mixed-race girls, i like...." if you desperately want to finish those lyrics off, feel free to insert every single type of woman on the planet. Too slow to be considered dancey, too crap to be considered good, Calvin Harris has painted himself into a corner, so somebody grab wooden planks and some nails and we can make sure he stays there.

Rating:  1 / 10

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