Circa Survive: On Letting Go

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Aidan Williamson

28th May 2007
At 01:16 GMT

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Can you imagine a world that doesn't thrive upon first impressions? Accidently claiming to be a trained lion tamer during a job interview wouldn't be quite so big a faux pas.

Getting chocolate sauce upon your forehead during a first date would be salvagable, and Circa Survive would be an immensely well liked and respected band. Upon first listening to their second full-length album, you'll likely find one of the following thoughts entering your mind. "You're trying to tell me that's a guy singing?", "Did the next track start yet?" or even "This is a bit repetitive isn't it?". All valid points to begin with. For any people not willing to put time and effort into music, you may as well keep moving. (To another part of this website, you're never allowed to leave Strange Glue. You're stuck here - pun very much intended, and apologised for.)

For the patient though, after three or four listens the soaring vocals attain a mesmerising splendour and the intricacies of each song slowly begin to emerge from the darkened shadows of repetition. True it would be nice to see more in the way of diversity from this band, but it shouldn't really be considered essential since each track represents a slice of well crafted, rock inspired beauty. There are a few tracks which really stand up and wave for your attention, most notably, title track "On Letting Go" which features what can only be described as a hook, well, I suppose it could also be described as a 'memorable vocal melody', but hook sounds catchier really. Which is quite appropriate considering.

Rating:  7 / 10

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