Circulatory System: Signal Morning

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Circulatory System 

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Brad Kelly

28th October 2009
At 00:19 GMT

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With eight years of silence and with no real hype preceding it's release, Circulatory System's second coming has arrived.

Signal Morning follows on from their 2001 self-titled d├ębut and is basically just one huge amalgamation of varying psychedelic, lo-fi, rock and electronic elements. It almost sounds as if the record untidily sorts through and settles itself as quickly as possible before presenting itself just moments before you press the play button. It's all very disorganised but at the same time, it is admittedly one hell of an experience to witness. Swathes of feedback and circling drums could be wreaking havoc one moment but be followed by a tiny burst of the quiet and underplayed the next. Blasting, mechanical glitches and twitches could be ripping through your speakers and just moments later to be replaced with nothing but acoustic guitar chords and a melancholic, distant voice.

News From the Heavenly Loom doesn't even reach the 25-second mark but works perfectly as a contradictive, gentle beginning to Round Again's fuzzy, indie-rock rhythm. It's all wonderfully experimental, never forcing out melody as the band try a few things out throughout the duration. It's musicians having a hell of a lot of fun but always with the right amount of creativity and professionalism in mind.

It's true that some parts are unmistakably more unconventional than others (just listen to the introductory track's chaotic marching fuzz beat and jilted electrical squeals) and there are songs that could've easily been left on the cutting room floor unnoticed (Overjoyed is probably their least successful attempt of the seventeen tracks, highlighting the band's rare step into the superfluous and unnecessary) but they most definitely hold their own for the majority of the record; building a giant, unhinged mosaic of sound and basking in its twisted grandeur all the while.

Hints of 60's rock are scattered all over the full-length, rooted mainly in the many LSD trip-outs seen over the course of the forty-five minutes. This Morning (We Remembered Everything) is basically a journey through a land made of distorted rainbow drops and though it's definitely the most lucid of the bunch, there's more mini-moments of heady, fuzz-fuelled psychedelia to behold.

Luckily, there's almost always a moment of placidity that follows too. Whether its Tiny Concerts that pulls you in to it's catchy, relaxed rhythm or the short-but-sweet The Breathing Universe that brings you down from all of the musical energy, it's safe to say that strategically placed breathing-time from the rougher material does wonder to the records longevity and playability. 

Frantic, frenzied but also emotive and mature, Signal Morning is a perfect contradiction of the overzealous and the understated, a duo that rarely work together but are nonetheless seen in fantastic formation right here.

Rating:  7 / 10

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