Frightened Rabbit: Liver! Lung! FR!

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Frightened Rabbit 

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Brad Kelly

27th March 2009
At 17:25 GMT

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The Midnight Organ Fight (you can read Strange Glue's review here) was brilliant, there’s no getting away from that simple fact.

It was emotional, catchy, fantastically crafted and had some of the most memorable lyrics this writer has heard in a fair few years. Sure some of the lines were crass and crude but they held such an open truth about them that it didn’t matter, in fact, it added to the impact.

Liver! Lung! FR!, or Quietly Now! as it’s known to some (we don’t have a clue why the record has two names) is the live incarnation of The Midnight Organ Fight with the exact same track-listing and almost the exact same duration. Some bands release live records and fail at conjuring the same emotional attachment the listener had with the original work which never truly live up to the original material's punch and bite. It may sound good live but there’s usually something slightly empty about listening to live music without the visual stimulation.

What Frightened Rabbit have done here is replicate the exact atmosphere, emotion and sting of the original work and transformed it into a slice of almost perfect live listening. Basically, whatever your feelings on the original record were, they will, no doubt, remain unchanged when listening to this, and that is by no means a bad thing.

"My Backwards Walk" takes on an even more heart-rending personality and leaves a mark on the listener long after its end (just as the original song did upon our first listen). "Fast Blood" sounds fantastically organic and the soft percussions compliment the song's gentle nature flawlessly. "Poke" is the same highlight it was on ...Organ Fight and manages to float out of your speakers and proceed down your spine, making every inch of your skin tingle and twitch: it’s almost magical (yes, we know, we’re just getting soppy now).

The album sounds like it was recorded in the confined corner of a pitch-black room and only when the audience kicks up a raucous applause is it clear that this was actually a gig at some point. The banter between front-man Scott Hutchison and the audience members is comical and never approaches tedium - which is mostly thanks to how brief those parts are. It's a positive that the majority of the record is just ridiculously well-crafted musical genius.

This album carries the soul of its studio-recorded brother without even a slight stumble or fault. The musicianship is nothing but perfect and the atmosphere which the CD creates swoops and dives from excitable joviality to silently poignant in the exact same manner as ...Organ Fight. The acoustic twinges in each track serve only to increase the overall enjoyment and we could go on and on praising this for being one of the best live records we’ve ever heard but seriously, if you’re a fan of the band, or if this is the first you've heard of of them, just go and get it, you will not be disappointed.

Rating:  9 / 10

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