Future Of The Left: Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires

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Future Of The Left 

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Brad Kelly

08th January 2009
At 23:42 GMT

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Future Of The Left's debut album Curses was an absolute success in every meaning of the word. It won the hearts of both critics and the public and still sounds fresh and inventive a year and a half after it was released.

This release marks the bands first live album and aside from having a rather awesome title, it does everything you'd expect from a typical Future Of The Left release.

The first track marks some of the best live speech making we at Strange Glue have ever heard. It's basically a complete attack against Reverend And The Makers and is, for lack of a better description; fucking brilliant.

Those two words basically sum up the one hour of music contained on this CD. From Manchasm to the introductory scream of adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood, the classic Plague Of Onces to the newer Drink Nike, this band are something wholly unique and original in today's music. How can a band be funny, angry, clever, silly and creative all at once? And portray it through music? See what we mean? This type of music could so easily be the worst idea in the world but somehow, some way, these guys pull it off with absolute ease.

Each song sounds almost identical to its CD counterpart with only the vocals taking on a slightly different, angrier beast. More screaming seems to be every 'heavy' bands thing to do live and Future Of The Left seem to relish the fact they can let loose just a little more on-stage. Each song hits a little harder thanks to the sandpaper vocals and hyperactive dual chorus squeals that are so often attached to the Left boys.

Between some songs are bits of banter with the audience and even these short skits serve to please. Dancing Etiquette has the band telling the audience to watch out with their moshing (in as many words) and Olympic Ideals is just them venting their thoughts on the Olympics. Yes it sounds simple and unneeded but its part of the bands personality and for that reason becomes more entertaining than annoying. Plus, if you like hearing the word c**t used more times than we could bother to count, you're in for a treat'

This bands sound is only rivalled by their presence on stage which is saying something for a group with only three members. Every song exudes their ferocity and attitude and each guitar squeal and drum smash perfectly conveys their on-stage persona. It's great to see a band play in your head when listening to them on record.

If you've seen FOTL live before then this album will serve as a reminder of how great they were on stage but if you're like this unfortunate reviewer and are yet to witness their brilliance live, this will serve as the biggest reason to get yourself a ticket to their next gig.

Rating:  9 / 10

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