Future Of The Left: Travels With Myself And Another

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Future Of The Left 

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Brad Kelly

22nd May 2009
At 17:12 GMT

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If there's one band you can count on to make copious amounts of noise, it's Future Of The Left. 

Since combining forces from two previous bands (McLusky and Jarcrew), the trio have so far taken the alternative scene by storm with their raucous, over-the-top style and original take on the rock genre. 

We've been anticipating this sophomore (we're waiting for a better word for "second" British English!) release from the band for quite some time now and since the band have just made the new release available as a legal download on their site (If you weren't aware of this news, click HERE to get up to speed), we were itching to get our hands, ears and other various parts of the body on it.

The record picks up where 2007's Curses finished and it doesn't, even for a split-second, care what anyone has to say about it. If you were expecting a poppier or more mature affair, well you were deeply mistaken dear sir and you are not welcome at this party any more, so please; shut the door behind you and do not turn back, do not pass 'go' and leave that £200 exactly where it was.

There's no other band in the world like Future Of The Left and that's the way they intend to keep it. The trio are perfectly aware that their music wouldn't work half as well in four or five minute durations (hence why ten of the twelve songs on here are all under three minutes) and they know that overall; their music is made for the sheer passion and thrill of it.

"You need Satan more than he needs you!" They scream concurrently on the ridiculously abrasive track of the same name. "It doesn't look like a man, it doesn't talk like a man, but does it fuck like a man? - Does it? Does it? Fuck like a man? - It doesn't smell like a man, it doesn't taste like a man, but does it fuck like a man? - Does it? Does it? Fuck like a man!?". We physically can't explain the warped genius behind the track but you'll just have to trust us when we say it's one of the best songs of the year. 

There are no rules to abide by and no barriers to stop the band doing whatever the hell they want and you only have to look as far as "Yin / Post-Yin's" completely insane brilliance to see that statement in full swing. The vocals are a-rhythmic against the climbing and falling guitar feedback in the background and yet it still coagulates into the most fucked-up anthem you could imagine. If Lynch wrote music: you've just heard it.

Some artists take chances with their sound but Future Of The Left have somehow gained a heap of positive recognition on just being their own crazy selves. Sure their history in previous bands aids their fan-base and overall musical respect but considering the praise hasn't stopped coming for the trio since their début, well, it's just odd to witness a relatively inaccessible (but equally as brilliant) band stick to their chaotic guns and still earn mainstream interest and acclaim.

If you wanted to look for negatives, you could say that they haven't changed their sound much but at thirty-two minutes; it never once grows repetitive and only adds to their own unique niche in theatrical, sarcastic rock. "Throwing Bricks At Trains" strengthens those words with it's comedy-tragedy tone and faultless musical timing. How they manage to entertain as much as they do with such an odd, twisted sound is a question we could never answer but what can be said is that they are literally the best at what they do and that's because no-one else could do it.

Final track Lapsed Catholics is this records "The Contrarian" (the final song on Curses) and starts with just an acoustic riff and Andy 'Falco' Falkous's spoken word voice; 

"Who's prison break is the most impressive? I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go Tim Robbins in Jacob's Ladder. Such patience, such fervent poise but, but wait a minute, shit, that's the wrong film. Morgan Freeman would roll in his grave if he were dead, which he nearly was if you believe the hysterical, gullible, technicolor crap-fest that is Sky News. Murdoch lies, or whatever the hell the devil calls himself. That is Sky News or Murdoch lies or whatever the hell the devil calls himself." 

It goes on and on in this way for some time and then finally blows your balls away with ridiculously well honed and well timed rock insanity. 

Comedic, aggressive, invasive, ridiculous at times and most definitely an acquired taste; "Travels With Myself And Another" is a twisted beast of brilliance that further adds to Future Of The Left's legacy; and to think, they're only two albums in...

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