Johnny Foreigner: Waited Up Till It Was Light

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Ross Riley

01st June 2008
At 10:27 GMT

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After teasing us last year with their cocky opening gambit 'Arcs Across The City' it's now falls to Johnny Foreigner to follow up with their debut full length album.

Waited Up Till It Was Light works on two levels and it takes a while for the undercurrent of this album to shine through. First impressions are that of a brash, angular and energetic band who plough through 13 tracks in a mere 43 minutes without a stop for breath.

It's exciting almost refreshing in places, there's no space for musical contortions or pretension and that is when you discover the secret of this astonishing debut because for all it's lack of seriousness and knowing intellectualism Johnny Foreigner have created some of the most exhilarating guitar music we've heard in years.

You can't quite trace every influence that's gone into this melting pot of guitar sauce but Alexei's spiky guitar magic owes much to the alternative rock greats. There's lots of Pavement-esque slouching mixed up with Sonic Youth style distortion and dynamics.

Also on tracks like Eyes Wide Terrified there's stylistic nods to early Seafood and Urusei Yatsura, in short so many good records have been consumed processed in order to produce Waited Up Till It Was Light that it can almost take the place of an education.

But just when you thought it was getting far too serious you can't escape the palpable sense of fun and energy that accompanies the entire album, there's the pogo like intro to Lea Room and the Casio blips that trick you into relaxing just before Our Bipolar Friends attacks you from behind.

So this album is good, and that's good as in you need to listen to it a lot you'll even forgive them for not putting 'Champagne Girls' and 'Sofacore' on the album but the fact that JoFo can leave tracks like that off may give you an inkling of what we're up against here. Simply put this is the sound of the most exciting guitar band to emerge from the UK in the last few years.

Rating:  9 / 10

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