Mumm-Ra: These Things Come In Threes

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Gavin Riley

28th May 2007
At 02:17 GMT

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Mumm-Ra, when he's not so busy fighting the likes of Lion'o and Panthro, apparently seems to like making music as a bit of a side project.

But seriously, like the 'Thundercats' baddie, Bexhill-on-Sea's Mumm-Ra have spent the past year lurking in the shadows.

But no longer, because with the release of 'These Things Come In Threes', the band have put their sound and music ability to the test.

The album is quintessentially a variety of rousing guitar riffs, mixed over the top with a bit of piano and some hyperactive electronics.

Opener 'Now Or Never' is the perfect example of such variety. Starting off with a gently strummed acoustic guitar, frontman James "Noo" New quietly and timidly sings over the top. But within 20 seconds New's voice is stretched, drums are being smashed, and guitars are wailing.

The band definitely have a tender side, something that will unfortunately appeal to Coldplay/Travis fans, and although there's nothing particularly wrong with that (some would disagree), recent single 'She's Got You High' is belted out in glorious spiralling way, that sounds anything but bland.

Yet the dark and frantic guitars are used only to full effect on this one song, and perhaps 'Song B', where initially New's vocals sound particularly moody, but tragically the track surrenders onto an almost ska-like path.

Expect your girlfriend to like Mumm-Ra, but sadly this offering will leave you wanting far much more. Hopefully, your girlfriend won't feel the same way about you.

Rating:  5 / 10

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