The Bravery: The Sun And The Moon

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Gavin Riley

23rd May 2007
At 14:33 GMT

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The Bravery came to our consciousness back in 2005 when they were selected at the top of the BBC's "Sound Of" list predicting who's going to be hot that year.

Predictably, whoever tops this poll tends to either produce mediocrity, fades into obscurity, or ends up in rehab.

Depending on where you read, you might think the Bravery have done all of the above but with their latest LP, The Bravery have pulled off a minor miracle.

If you're looking for complex chord sequences and superlative lyrics, you've come to the wrong place. What The Bravery produce is a highly polished enjoyable pop record.

Its easy to write off The Bravery. They do seem to put themselves up for execution far too easily. Take for instance the second track from the album, 'Believe'. Sam Endicott sings: "Waiting for our ship to come/But our ship's not coming back". Its just asking for a critical panning.

Single 'Time Won't Let Me Go' starts the LP down a more solemn and gloomy path, where the band seem more focused on the negatives and regrets. "If I could go back once again/I would change everything/If I could go back once again/I'd do it so much better".

The album winds up with 'Ocean' a call to keep certain images of life in your head.

You probably wont find 'The Sun And The Moon' to be essential listening, but for those of you who sheepishly enjoyed their eponymous debut, you might want to have a listen, at least before they head off to the Priory.

Rating:  6 / 10

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