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Aidan Williamson

30th November 2007
At 20:44 GMT

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Have you ever had that moment where all of a sudden, you realise that your brain was elsewhere? It's a realisation that is often accompanied by the very visceral and very sudden return to reality.

When listening to the vast majority of albums, opinions are automatically forming as the sounds pass through the part of our mind which filters out what is pleasing to us and what is not. This Will Destroy You manages to bypass all that, instead it pulls at you hand dragging you along for the journey. This sudden jolt of return is often what occurs as one of the seven tracks within draw to a close.

Strangely, that reasoning never really worked with my Maths teacher, "I wasn't daydreaming, I was merely letting the complex algorithms bypass my senses and become one with my mind." It's with that in mind that we attempt to articulate what is so gripping about the Texas post-rock quartet's debut album. Happily, some of it's qualities are a lot more tangible.

TWDY are not ones to shy away from the swelling introductions. Each composition takes it's time in building up emotional resonance and sonic intensity before everything explodes into a measured cacophony. Some tracks, such as second entry "Villa Del Refugio" are nothing but a masterclass in ascending tension, only to unwind unexpectedly and peter out into stuttered chimes.

This is not to say that the arrangements grow stagnant. No, within even the first three minutes of the album we've gone from simmering guitar static, underlaid with sparse techno-beats on to a world swept away by the sumptuous melody of the lead guitar. As the live drums enter the fray, the experienced is improved ten-fold. So crystal is their clarity that you can hear the rush of wind as the drummer sends his sticks hurtling towards the skins, the wooden frames creaking and resonating with each strike. As each new note is fretted on the guitars, the sound of skin scraping across the strings screeches out from the depths of the mix, such is the attention to detail held within these walls.

While This Will Destroy You are perhaps lacking the scope of their Texas counterparts Explosions in the Sky, they focus implicitly on the shifts within their music. Tracks ratchet up the levels of grandiosity until speakers strain under the very power of them. Should you set your volume to an audible level during the quieter moments, this will result in a potentially deafening experience once things kick off.

After a year which has seen new albums from all of the post-rock elite (bar Godspeed!), This Will Destroy You have not so quietly ingratiated themselves with that group and have given up a haunting, incendiary entry into the instrumental rock canon.

Rating:  8 / 10

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